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Four Important Meals You Need Every Day

By | Self-care

Here in the United States, we have heard for decades that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It was in the early 1900s that food manufacturing companies convinced doctors to promote breakfast. Foods such as cereal and bacon were marketed as breakfast foods. Since that time, breakfast…

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Building Self-Care Habits

By | Self-care

Those of us with Lipedema have a particular set of things we do to take care of ourselves. These are things we perform for ourselves in order to remain healthy and happy and ensure our well-being. Especially this holiday season, we need to remember that self-care is essential.  Have you…

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Common Hat Sayings and What They Mean

By | Reflection

Lately, I’ve been thinking about hats… Hmmm… I wonder why? Could a silly hat that was worn during Movement with Miranda have anything to do with this? Could it have been because I have been wearing so many hats lately? Probably. But whatever the reason, I’ve been thinking about hats…

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