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characteristics that support resilience

5 Characteristics of Resilience

By | inspirational

Lately, we’ve been focused on showing ourselves love and compassion – learning to fall in love with ourselves and recognize our very own stories. We have discovered our resiliency as we move forward in our health journey.  Personal resilience involves thoughts and actions that promote our well-being both physically and…

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Helpful Tips for Traveling

By | Exercise

Traveling is one of the most exciting activities we can take. Short or long trips can invigorate our bodies because through traveling, we can welcome a change in scenery, find different opportunities to meet people, try new things, and explore new places.  As we prepare to take our trips, we…

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Keeping it Simple With Keto

By | Uncategorized

It can be overwhelming to get started on something new. There’s a feeling of uncertainty from having to let go of some things you’re used to in favor of this new thing, and it can be very challenging. A good example would be trying Keto for the first time. You…

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Things to Help Yourself Fall Asleep

By | Self-care

As children, most of us were given a bedtime. As we got older, our parents would adjust some restrictions to let us stay up later while our younger siblings had to go to bed earlier. It seemed that somehow, our parents knew that the younger ones needed more sleep. They…

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8 Easy Things to Do to Feel More Alive

By | Self-care

We can fall a victim to our routines sometimes. In the process of working hard and striving for our goals, we forget to make time for other things that matter to us. We wake up one day feeling less alive and uninspired. It’s therefore incredibly important to take a break…

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Learning Self-Love Again

By | self-love

This month is Self-Love Month. We’re celebrating love here at Lipedema Simplified. What better way is there to celebrate love than to take care of ourselves? But wait… What exactly does that mean? Where does it begin? What is Self-Love? The easiest way to explain self-love is to look back…

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Four Important Meals You Need Every Day

By | Self-care

Here in the United States, we have heard for decades that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It was in the early 1900s that food manufacturing companies convinced doctors to promote breakfast. Foods such as cereal and bacon were marketed as breakfast foods. Since that time, breakfast…

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