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Happy New Year: Embracing Life with Lipedema!

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happy new year

Happy New Year: Embracing Life with Lipedema!

As the clock strikes midnight and we welcome the new year, it’s a time-honored tradition for many of us to set New Year’s resolutions. It’s a practice I’ve embraced since my elementary school days, creating over 50 resolutions throughout my life. Whether at lively parties, intimate gatherings, or in solitude, I’ve always shared my resolutions with friends, family, and even the universe.

Reflecting back, I wish I had kept all these resolutions. They would serve as a testament to my growth and change over the years. Many resolutions, such as losing weight or getting more organized, were not always practical. But there’s one resolution from New Year’s Eve 1984 that has stayed with me forever.

That year, after saying goodbye to my beloved brother Richie, my friends and I decided to ring in the New Year as he would have loved. Amid the laughter and memories shared, I penned a resolution that would shape my life: to live as Richie lived, embracing joy, humor, and light-heartedness.

Fast forward to today, I honor Richie’s memory with a resolution for 2023: to live unapologetically, vibrantly, and passionately. To tell funny stories, play silly games, and yes, have a few beers. This approach resonates deeply with our lipedema community. It’s a reminder that despite the challenges we face, we can choose to live our lives to the fullest, embracing every moment with joy and authenticity.

Living with Lipedema: Finding Joy in Every Moment

As we step into 2024, let’s remember that lipedema doesn’t define us. It’s part of our journey, but it doesn’t dictate how we live our lives. This year, let’s make resolutions that uplift us, and bring us closer to our authentic selves. Whether it’s finding new ways to manage our condition, exploring hobbies that bring us joy, or simply taking time for self-care, let’s make each day count.

In honor of Richie and all those we hold dear, let’s embrace the New Year with optimism and enthusiasm. Let’s tell our stories, share our laughter, and maybe, just maybe, have a beer or two.

Happy New Year to our wonderful lipedema community! Remember, anything is possible with lipedema, and this year, let’s make it our mission to live vibrantly and unapologetically.

Lipedema Tip

Try journaling your thoughts and experiences this year. It’s a therapeutic way to reflect on your journey and see how far you’ve come. Plus, it’s a great way to keep track of all those wonderful moments you’ll want to remember!


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