Discovering Your ‘Why’ in the Journey of Health and Gratitude

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discovering your why

Discovering Your ‘Why’ in the Journey of Health and Gratitude

When embarking on a health journey, especially when navigating through the challenges of lipedema, understanding your ‘why’ is often heralded as the key to staying motivated and focused. Yet, finding this ‘why’ can be an elusive quest.

The Quest for a Profound ‘Why’

I recall my own struggle in pinpointing my ‘why.’ Encountering the question on a Facebook post, I was eager to respond but found myself stumped. Despite the plethora of inspiring comments I read, my own reason seemed to hide just out of reach. Seeking profundity and uniqueness, I turned to my journal, only to be greeted by a daunting blank page. My mind mirrored its emptiness, struggling to articulate a ‘why’ that felt sufficiently significant.

A Shift in Focus: Gratitude as a Pathway

Realizing that direct confrontation with the question wasn’t yielding answers, I changed my approach. I shelved the daunting question, trusting that the universe would guide me to my answer when I was ready to receive it. My focus shifted from searching for a ‘why’ to cultivating gratitude. I committed to jotting down three statements of gratitude each morning for three months. These didn’t need to be unique, but they had to be sincere. Gradually, my daily gratitude exercise expanded, as I found myself writing more than five statements regularly.

The Revelation in Reflection

After three months, I revisited my gratitude journal, a practice I had never engaged in before. To my astonishment, I discovered that my ‘why’ had been subtly revealing itself all along. Each expression of gratitude was a piece of the puzzle, collectively illustrating what truly mattered to me. In focusing on gratitude, I had inadvertently found my ‘why.’ It wasn’t about seeking it out but rather seeing it in what I already valued.

The Power of Gratitude in Finding Purpose

This experience taught me a valuable lesson. Sometimes, our ‘why’ isn’t hidden in the depths of profound introspection but lies in the simple, everyday things we are thankful for. By acknowledging and appreciating these aspects of our lives, we naturally uncover the driving forces behind our actions and decisions.

Embracing the Journey with Lipedema

Remember, in the journey of health and especially when dealing with lipedema, it’s important to embrace each step with an open heart. Your ‘why’ may not always shout loudly; sometimes, it’s a quiet realization that dawns in moments of reflection and gratitude.

Anything is possible with lipedema, and your ‘why’ is the compass that guides you through.

~ Gail Straker, BAEd
Community Manager, Director of Coaching
Lipedema Simplified

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