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What TRIBE Means to Me

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Exploring Support and Empowerment for lipedema and lymphedema (1)

What TRIBE Means to Me:

A Journey of Support and Empowerment

At the heart of our community, there is a force both powerful and nurturing, often referred to just as “TRIBE.” This week, I had a chance to go into the essence of what TRIBE means for our community members, and the stories I have found can be described in one word: inspiring.

A Safe Haven of Support

Agnes Z shared with us: “TRIBE is my sanctuary. It’s my place to lift up my struggles with lipedema and how it has affected my life and family.
She goes on to describe TRIBE as a community of compassionate hearts and minds, offering friendship that turns into an extended family. Agnes’s story makes quite clear the fact that TRIBE is a source of wisdom; it is an area where one can find unanswered questions. Most importantly, it is a home.

A Source of Strength through Isolation

Jeanne L.’s isolating experience of COVID-19 times with TRIBE only goes to underline:
for her, it was a lifeline full of solidarity and understanding.
The relaxed “schmooze time” before and after sessions offered her a safe place to express herself freely; the two had even followed each other on Twitter and Facebook prior to the event.

An Educational Platform and Support Network

Ruth D. views TRIBE as a learning source in the management of lipedema and lymphedema, where she gets to learn from people’s experiences in the community. This is because she finds value in the very wide variety of activities and the ability to be able to use her time by interacting with the content at any time.

A Catalyst for Personal Growth and Healing

Julie S. shares how helpful TRIBE has been in her journey with lipedema, from being able to access a chest of resources to belonging to a community that offers support. From fitness classes and nutritional guidance to medical insight, TRIBE is central to her better health and understanding.

Gratitude, Inspiration, Belonging

The message is clear through the stories of our very community members: TRIBE is more than a support group; it is a beacon of hope, an anchor of support, and a voice for personal growth.
Where challenges meet collective wisdom, where isolation gives way to connection, and where every member finds a home.

In closing, I extend a heartfelt thank you to each one of you for being an integral part of our TRIBE.
You inspire all of us through your stories, strength, and shared journey to be all that we are and can be. Together, we keep on navigating the complexities of lipedema, buoyed by the strength and solidarity of our TRIBE.

Anything is possible with Lipedema!

~ Gail Straker