In Like a Lion

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warmth and wisdom of folklore

In Like a Lion:

Wisdom and Warmth from Folklore

My mother, that sage of sayings and adages, left behind her son a world rich in the wisdom of folklore, firmly knowing that these pearls of knowledge were, indeed, universal.

It wasn’t until I was in college that I saw the cultural uniqueness and heritage these verbal treasures had. I am now excited to share with you these treasures and to unravel not only the famous sayings mentioned in them but also the unique twirls life has woven into them.

March: A Lion and a Lamb

The well-known phrase “In like a lion and out like a lamb” refers to March weather in the Northern Hemisphere.

My mother has always construed the fierce entrance of March, like a lion, and its gentle exit to be as if a lamb, or vice versa.

Reflecting on this, I wonder if this old adage mirrored the weather in your region this March.

Timely Wisdom: A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

The old maxim, “A stitch in time saves nine,” for measures taken in time, had a very deep meaning for me and was brought about from memories of cockle-burr plants and labor. My mother’s advice helped to endear that value through the early effort of avoidance of greater toil later, which is one lesson that seemed to spill over into so many other life situations, including the management of lipedema.

April’s Lessons: Showers and Flowers

The maxim “April showers bring May flowers” goes much further than a meteorological literal meaning; it reveals the cyclical nature life takes from trials to success. Through personal and shared experiences with others, I see how the “showers” of life produce blossoming “flowers” that symbolize themes of resilience and renewal so very relevant to a lipedema journey.

Balancing Acts: All Work and No Play

That humorous interchange over the “honey-do” list my parents had really brought home the point to balance work and fun with, “All work and no play makes Wally a sad and tired boy.” Balance is the key, especially in conditions such as lipedema, where taking care of oneself and taking rest is part and parcel of dealing with it.

Defying Impossibilities: When Pigs Fly

The saying “When Pigs Fly” to denote something very unlikely really speaks to our lipedema community, reflecting our utmost resilience against limiting attitudes and our courage in taking struggles head-on. Emmy, our iconic flying pig, stands in the flesh as a testimonial reminder of the belief in strength and resilience, holding the unapologetic notion that we as lipedema individuals can conquer anything.

This then becomes my overall goal in sharing these proverbs: to weave the wisdom from folklore directly into our experiences with lipedema, a guiding light showing that through knowledge, fortitude, and encouragement, we can do anything.

We all know that… Anything is possible with lipedema!

~Gail Straker

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