Freedom Now – Releasing

What if there was one simple thing you could do that would truly make a difference in your journey with lipedema, lymphedema, ongoing physical issues and dealing with a complex and not always helpful healthcare system? There is. It’s called Releasing

Releasing is a very simple process that transforms the burden of unwanted feelings – such as despair, grief, anger, frustration and feelings of powerlessness. Psychologists, doctors, and wise beings over the centuries all tell us to “let go” but how does one do it? This is the HOW TO LET GO, whenever you choose, easily and effortlessly. It is easier than you might think and more effective than you could ever imagine.

Releasing frees and empowers you to take back control of your life. Once you learn the process, you can use it as you choose – forever. It is Freedom NOW. We are offering online classes in Releasing.