Love Reflected in Love

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What does it mean to live with an open heart? Is it the same as having an open mind? And is it the same as seeing with open eyes? These are all very distinct qualities and they are all interconnected. They are all actions that take practice and awareness. They will help us to awaken and develop our strengths and passions, and to honor the lives and essence of others. 

Open Eyes

Having open eyes means reaching out and embracing new and different ways of seeing ourselves, others, and the world. It means to expand our view and expand how we see problems, solutions, and possibilities. It means to witness the authenticity of others and ourselves. We can find ways to view our daily routines and habits in a fresh new light. We can be observant of what is and look at what might be with expectant curiosity. It can lead to personal growth, more meaningful relationships, and a deeper appreciation for the complexities and beauty of the world around us.

Open Mind

To have an open mind means that we look at situations and experiences with a simple and imaginative mindset. It encourages creativity, exploration, and a more fulfilling engagement with the world. We look for opportunities to learn new concepts and think in more creative and playful ways. We look at activities and events as adventures to participate in and we look at structure and expectations with expanded thoughts so that we may grow. An open mind lets us release old thought habits and beliefs. An open mind lets us serve ourselves and others well.

Open Heart

Living with an open heart is about embracing vulnerability, expressing love and compassion, and being true to ourselves. It is an essential aspect of a well-rounded and fulfilling life, and it enhances our ability to live with open eyes and an open mind, fostering personal growth and meaningful connections with others. Living with an open heart shows us that taking a risk and being vulnerable can be difficult but is well rewarded. It lets us discover and express our true essence. By having an open heart, we are able to be generous and come to the world from the space of love, not fear. Open-heartedness lets us be ourselves and lets us honor why we are who we are. Living with an open heart is required if we also want to live with open eyes and an open mind. 

Openness in vision, mind, and heart

Strive to live with openness in your vision, your mind, and your heart. These are the gifts of joy we yearn to give to and receive from ourselves. These are the gifts of love we want to give to and receive from others. These are the gifts of compassion we can choose to give to and receive from the world. Open eyes, minds, and hearts are reflected back at us because love is reflected in Love.

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