Keto Way of Eating for Lipedema

What is Keto WOE?

A ketogenic diet is high fat, moderate protein, and very low carb (LCHF) that produces a state of ketosis, changing your system from a glucose burning one (produced by carbs) to fat burning.

We have found a Keto WOE to help women with lipedema lose weight, reduce or eliminate swelling, inflammation and pain, and overall improve quality of life.

One way of eating will not work for everyone. That’s evident by the abundant diets and vicious cycles of diet/regain/diet again that most of us have tried again and again. Perhaps Keto can work for you.

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Join our highly interactive event to gain new insight into your life with lipedema, lymphedema, and other lymphatic disorders, and discover solutions that can help you reduce or eliminate pain and swelling, decrease inflammation, and experience more freedom in your body!

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