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One of the biggest struggles we have in life is trying to know, embrace, and love ourselves – our whole selves, flaws and all. For the month of February, we thought, why not focus our attention on love, appreciation, and intimacy for ourselves? We certainly have had our fair share of madness from the world which may have built walls around ourselves, making it even harder for us to have the courage to love ourselves.

It’s time for something new and different for February. This month, let’s all fall deeply in love with ourselves – our beautiful, brave, and incredible selves – as we go through a series of Webinars with our highly-skilled, incredible, fabulous coaches from all over the world!

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We bring to you something different – a chance to participate, a chance to make an impact. This Webinar series of hour-long webinars and a meditation experience centered around helping each and everyone find love within themselves. This will be available on a donation basis which will immensely benefit a research project being done by The Lipedema Project called VOICES OF LIPEDEMA.

Your donation will go towards raising awareness about this little-known and generally misdiagnosed disease. What better way to discover the LOVE within yourself than by supporting a cause you believe in? So come learn with us in this Webinar series, feel the love within you while making an impact.

All replays of the webinars will also be available to you until April 28, 2022, so you’ll have plenty of time to revisit your favorite parts and enjoy them to the fullest!

We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.” – Mary Dunbar

Take this adventure with us. Join us this February.