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NIH established the first commission for lymphatics diseases

A Monumental Step Forward for Lymphatic Research

Learn about the groundbreaking National Commission on Lymphatic Diseases and how you can contribute to shaping the future of research and care for conditions like lipedema.
Lipedema Simplified - Woman with Lipedema sitting while thinking the quality of her life

Lipedema and Health Related Quality of Life

Examine the effects of lipedema on quality of life and mental well-being, as highlighted in a recent study published in Eating and Weight Disorders - Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia, and Obesity.
Nothing is impossible - anything is possible with lipedema

The Delicate Balance

Explore the delicate balance between holding on and letting go in a beautiful poem by Kimberly Nyce. Embrace personal growth, face challenges, and discover freedom in life's cycles.
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Unveiling the Outcomes of Lipedema Reduction Surgery
Heart to Heart Event Conference - An Honest Review
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Heart-to-Heart Event Conference was Everything Expected, and More
Fostering Community Inspiration for Women with Lipedema
Our Inspiration Corner
A study exploring the genetic factors of lipedema
Latest Research Insights on Lipedema: Unraveling the Mysteries of Fat Cells
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What TRIBE Means to Me
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In Like a Lion
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Promising New Drug Trial
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Embracing Love and Life with Lipedema
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Lipedema and Sodium Levels
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Finding Self-Love Amidst Lipedema
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Insightful Findings from the Swiss-German Lipedema Study
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Lipedema awareness
Finding Passion Through Challenge
Caveolin and MMP14
Caveolin and MMP14 in Lipedema
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Celebrating Self-Love: Be Your Own Valentine!
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Decoding Lipedema: A Closer Look at Symptom Assessment and Treatment Efficacy
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The Simple Things
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New Insights on New Year’s Resolutions – A Swedish Study’s Findings