The Persistence of Women with Lipedema

By January 6, 2022 October 12th, 2022 No Comments

If there is one thing that can be said about those of us with Lipedema, it is that we are tenacious. We are like pit bulls. We never give up! We have had to tough out finding medical professionals who will listen to us, family and friends not understanding our issues, being left behind during events because of lack of mobility, starting our lives over, and so on… and still we persist. 

Being able to find strength in Lipedema is something that should be recognized. The persistence of women with Lipedema should be celebrated. I’m proud of us for persisting through hardships and pain. As we have entered this new year together, let’s look back on some inspiring stories in our community. 

Persistence Stories from the Community

We have heard some great stories that have inspired us. Their stories are a reminder that anything is possible with Lipedema. For instance, there’s one who has been dealing with a yard work injury and has been staying tough with insurance and medical providers to get the scans and answers she needs. Persistence

We have also heard stories about being tenacious from another lippy lady. She has started her life over several times since leaving the country of her birth. Each one of her stories is brilliant and inspiring. Recently, she shared how to make sleeve inserts for our lymph pumps on a Facebook LIVE. She shared how she had found a doctor who gave this information to her. Persistence. 

We have heard from a member who has been tenacious with her self-care as she goes through chemo treatments. She has been interacting with her dietician and talking keto with her. She has been sharing with the nurses and helping them understand lipedema. She has been researching and taking charge of her own health and healing. Persistence. 

We have had a member of the lipedema community share her story of when she lost her home and it seemed like she lost everything at the same time. She was basically homeless. She turned inward, found more strength than she ever could imagine, along with peace and joy. She started completely over. She never gave up. She also shared how she then started and grew The Lipedema Project and Lipedema Simplified into the vibrant organizations that they are today. (Thank you to our very own Dr. Catherine Seo.) Persistence.

Finding Strength in Togetherness

Every member of our global lipedema community has a story similar to the ones above. How do I know? I know because I hear them. I know because I also have a story. We are not alone. We are tenacious and persistent together. We never give up. We are here for each other. Being part of the lipedema community gives us strength. Reach out to another Lippy Lady, she will reach back.

What if?

What if we were to take a look at our lives and see ourselves as we really are: tenacious and persistent? What if we embraced our own personal strength as beautiful, brilliant, powerful women? The possibilities are endless. We are the true goddesses of our species!

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