About Gail Straker, BEd

Keto & Fasting Coach

Gail started her health journey in October of 2017 after having a harrowing experience during a rim-to-rim hike in the Grand Canyon a month earlier. When she climbed out of that canyon alive, she made the decision to take charge of her own health. She started studying a low-carb, grain-free, and sugar-free lifestyle and began putting what she learned into practice.

Once she discovered the health benefits of this new way of eating and how intermittent fasting enhanced those benefits, she shared that knowledge with her friends and family. As a teacher, she has always been open to learning new things and then teaching what she has learned to others. She has since taught over a dozen loved ones to take charge of their health, lose weight, and come off medications by making dietary changes. She continues to help others as a Certified Advisor with The Noakes Foundation, The Nutrition Network, and by being a coach and mentor for Lipedema Simplified.

The Lipedema Project has evolved from the early work of Lipedema Simplifed and has more extensive information about lipedema. Please visit http://lipedemaproject.org/ to learn more.