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discovering your passion through your lipedema journey
Lipedema awareness

Finding Passion Through Challenge

Finding Passion Through Challenge: A Lipedema Journey to Joy Have you ever marveled at those who discover their passions early in life and then doggedly pursue them? That was a dream I long held but couldn't seem to grasp. My hobbies were plentiful, yet when asked about my passion, all…
Caveolin and MMP14

Caveolin and MMP14 in Lipedema

Exploring the Caveolin-MMP14 Connection in Lipedema: Insights and Interventions Hi again! I’m Leslyn Keith, Director of Research and President of the Board for the Lipedema Project, back with another insightful Research Update Flash Briefing. Today, I’m excited to delve into a potentially pivotal study that sheds light on lipedema's underlying…
celebrate self-love

Celebrating Self-Love: Be Your Own Valentine!

February, the month of love, is the perfect time to celebrate Self-Love Month, especially within our Lipedema community. This year, let's embrace the idea of being our own Valentine and delve into what self-love truly means. Self-love is More Than a Phrase The phrase "Be Mine" often seen on Valentine’s…
symptom assessment and treatment efficacy
lipedema treatment
Decoding Lipedema: A Closer Look at Symptom Assessment and Treatment Efficacy
embrace the joy and peace found in simple things
The Simple Things
new year's resolutions
New Insights on New Year’s Resolutions – A Swedish Study’s Findings
discovering your why
Discovering Your ‘Why’ in the Journey of Health and Gratitude
Lipedema awareness
The Power of Participation
happy new year
Lipedema awareness
Happy New Year: Embracing Life with Lipedema!
role of lymphatics in lipedema diagnosis and treatment
Revolutionizing Lipedema Care
Nurturing Yourself During Life Changes
bariatric surgery and lipedema
Lipedema and Bariatric Surgery: A Research Update
brilliance of lipedema community
lipedema community
The Brilliance of Lipedema Community
navigating social eating
ketogenic diet
Living Well with Lipedema: Navigating Social Eating with Confidence This Thanksgiving
explore the beauty of community connections
lipedema community
Bridging Hearts: The Unseen Bonds Of The Beautiful Community Connection
lipo for lymphatics
New Study Shows Liposuction Can Improve Lymphatic Function in Lipedema
finding your tribe
lipedema community
Finding Your Tribe: The Power of Community for Women with Lipedema
keto to reduce symptoms
Keto Diet May Be Effective in Reducing Lipedema Symptoms
The Delight of Dress-up
exercise as treatment
Lipedema Treatment: Importance of Exercise and Practical Tips