8 Easy Things to Do to Feel More Alive

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We can fall a victim to our routines sometimes. In the process of working hard and striving for our goals, we forget to make time for other things that matter to us. We wake up one day feeling less alive and uninspired. It’s therefore incredibly important to take a break and do something just for yourself so we don’t lose ourselves in the process of achieving our personal goals. We do these things to motivate ourselves and feel more alive.

Many times, we feel that doing something just for ourselves or even just taking a short break is selfish or a waste of time. We don’t feel ‘productive’ during a break. However, it isn’t selfish, a waste of time, or non-productive. Humans were not created to have continuous stress, either physical or emotional. By taking a short break, even a few minutes a day, we are actually giving ourselves the opportunity to rejuvenate, to feel more alert, more inspired, and more dynamic. 

Here are 8 simple but nice things you can do while taking a break that will surely brighten your day and help you feel more alive!

1. Breathe

We know that deep belly breathing is vital for lymph flow. It is also good for the rest of us. Stand up. Bend slowly at the waist and let your arms and head hang. Deep breath in. Pause. Release long and slow. Pause. Repeat. Slowly roll up and extend your arms up. Lower your arms on the exhale. Shake it out. Repeat as needed. (I also practice deep breathing at traffic signals.)

2. Read

Many of us read for our work. Or never really get the chance to read because we are on the go all the time. Select a book in your favorite genre or a magazine about your favorite topic. Have it close by. When you read, set a timer. If you go over on time, yay!

3. Journal

If you don’t journal already, try taking a moment each day and writing down three things you have learned that day, are grateful for, discovered, or thought about. You can do this at any time of the day. Some love to do it upon rising. Others do it just before bed. I do it when I need a break.

4. Write

When was the last time you wrote a letter or a card? When was the last time you received one? People enjoy receiving a note of support. As you write, think about the loved one reading it. That will put a smile on your lips for sure.

5. Exercise

A few stretches, a walk, a swim, a rise on a vibration plate, a bounce on the rebounder, all can give a boost during the day. Scheduling in exercise usually works best, but if you need an impromptu break, a few stretches and a deep breath work wonders. Crank up the music and wiggle!

6. Sing

Using the rhythm of your heartbeat for the tempo of your song, sing with gusto. A silly kids’ song, your favorite oldie, the top of your playlist, or a made-up tune can take you to a joyous place and release stress. If you can join a chorus or another person in the song, even better!

7. Chat

Zoom and telephone calls between friends or family members can brighten everyone’s day. It takes more effort than a text message, but it also takes you to a place you don’t get to very often anymore. 

8. Laugh

As we’ve heard, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Laughter lets us breathe deeply, think about joyful things, forget stressful times, and release endorphins. A few minutes of continuous laughter can have great benefits.

Take a break!

If you’re the type of person who needs things scheduled to get them done, put it on your schedule. You won’t regret taking a few minutes each day to take care of yourself by taking a break! 

Now that you know 8 easy things to do while on a short break, I hope you get the chance to try them out to relieve your stress and feel more alive than ever! Remember, taking breaks is self-care!

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~ Gail Straker, BAEd
Community Manager, Director of Coaching
Lipedema Simplified

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