Keeping it Simple With Keto

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It can be overwhelming to get started on something new. There’s a feeling of uncertainty from having to let go of some things you’re used to in favor of this new thing, and it can be very challenging. A good example would be trying Keto for the first time. You go online and try to learn more about this new way of eating and suddenly you’re feeling all sorts of confused. It seems complicated. You wish there were a way to keep it simple. 

Well, there is, because Keto Is Super Simple (K.I.S.S.)! 

Keeping it Simple

Years ago, when I was learning to be a mom, someone had said to me to always remember K.I.S.S.’ while speaking to my children. I had never heard of this acronym before, so I asked them what it meant. They replied, “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” I thought about that long and hard. What a rude and sarcastic statement that was! I could just not use it to mean that. If I did, it would mean I was calling myself ‘stupid.’ So I changed it to mean “Keep It Simple, Sweetheart.”

While raising my kids, caring for and playing with my grandchildren, caring for families as a nanny, and teaching middle school math, I chose to always ‘Keep it Simple.’ I found that unless I was telling a story, weaving a tale, and trying to keep someone’s attention, it was best to use a simple and direct form of communication. There was less ambiguity when things are kept simple, and my point was easier to understand. 

Keeping it Simple When Learning Keto

And so it goes with learning how to make the change to a ketogenic way of eating for lipedema. There are so many people out there who have something to say about how to do Keto. It seems that the food industry is trying to jump on the bandwagon to make and sell “Keto food.”

However, here at Lipedema Simplified, we realize that Keto food is very simple and made by the most complex food manufacturer of them all… Mother Nature! She doesn’t put labels on the foods she creates, she doesn’t overly process them or put additives, and she doesn’t package them in plastic. In fact, she only puts one ingredient in each package and her packaging is either edible or biodegradable. Wow!

Is Keto Super Simple?

Yes, K.I.S.S. –  Keto Is Super Simple! We can prepare a delicious and easy meal. 

Start with a protein (like meat, fish, or eggs) then, some above-ground low-carb vegetables or leafy greens, and add a fatty dressing if desired… And there you have it, a very simple and delicious Keto meal! Plate it on a lovely dish, put your phone away, slow down, sit at the table, breathe a few deep breaths, and enjoy every delicious bite. Be aware of flavors, textures, and temperatures. You deserve lovely meals. 

And most importantly, remember, Keto Is Super Simple (K.I.S.S.)!

~ Gail Straker, BAEd
Community Manager, Director of Coaching
Lipedema Simplified

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