Gardens as Safe Spaces

By August 18, 2022 No Comments

“I come to the garden alone, 

While the dew is still on the roses.”

~C. Austin Miles (1912)

I have sung and found peace from these lyrics all of my life. The imagery of being in a garden, alone, hearing a clear calm inner voice, and letting the stress of life fall aside, has always helped me to get grounded. The dew being ‘still on the roses’ gives me joy that this is a new day and that brings me peace. 

Talking about roses reminded me of flowers and the thought of flowers always reminds me of gardens, different gardens with different flowers that benefit our lives. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. 

Don’t gardens just make you feel safe? These green spaces are one of my safe spaces where I can relax and find comfort, solace, and peace.

What are gardens?

Gardens are commonly considered feminine and represent fertility. The growth and propagation of a variety of different animals make it a unique ecosystem of its very own. A garden, no matter how wild it is, or out of control it may appear to be, is in some way still a planned space. It serves a function. It feeds the soul.

Gardens are used to create a space of peace between people. A garden can be a place of solitude as well as a space to come together. In a small private garden, one can find communion with nature, their god, and their inner thoughts. And yet, a small private garden can also be the meeting place of lovers, dearest friends, family members, or new neighbors. A patio or balcony with a few potted plants can be the perfect small garden to enjoy and nurture. 

What do gardens represent?

Gardens represent inclusion and community. In a large community garden, park, or green space, people can come to celebrate, enjoy physical activities, or mingle with friends. And yet, in a big public garden, we can also find solitude. We can stop, smell the flowers, ponder life, and feel the grass beneath our feet. We can watch insects as they busily go along, oblivious to us. We can find ourselves included and connected, and alone all at the same time.

Grow a garden, be a garden, and enjoy a garden. Cultivate a special space just for you where you can feel safe, be a safe space for other people to confide and find comfort in your presence, and enjoy the company of other people who make you feel safe. We can all learn from gardens – they’re safe spaces that can enrich the soul and relax the mind.


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