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Play: Game’s On!!!

By October 21, 2021 November 25th, 2021 No Comments

Play is natural. It is something that we’ve all done. It is something that we all do. When we were infants, and very young, we were encouraged to play and adults would play with us.  It is how we learn. It stimulates the brain. It teaches problem-solving skills, and social interaction skills, and develops fine and gross motor skills. It keeps us young, strong, and active. 

However, we were also discouraged from playing. As we got older we were told that there was a time to work and there was a time to play. If we played at “the wrong time,” we were considered to be naughty. Often in school or church or in the car, we were told to stop playing around. While outside, we were told to stop playing in the dirt.  At the dinner table, we were told to stop playing with our food… and so on and so on…  These instructions were given to us by adults who cared deeply for us and wanted us to be respected, and they were given those same instructions by adults who cared deeply for them and wanted them to be respected, and so on and so on …

What if? … What if we decide to break this cycle? What if we decide to play harder and more and at every turn? What would happen? Could you give it a try? Would you give it a try?

Humans love to play. They like playing alone, with others, with animals, and with things. It seems that one of our strongest urges is to play. How do you play? Do you think long and hard about it/ Or does it seem to happen naturally for you? How can you add more play to your day? What have you done lately to add play?

Some responses have been… 

  • Play cards with friends
  • Play with dogs/cats
  • Dance with the ’50s & ’60s music
  • Tickle baby
  • Set a timer to finish a chore and get a gold star
  • Wear belly dance hip scarf on the vibration plate
  • Play words with friends online
  • Watch videos on plating meals & trying to copy
  • Sudoku instead of video games before sleep
  • Snowball fight/toss
  • Building a snowman

Have fun this week. Smile. Love. Laugh. Play. Game’s on!

Anything is possible with Lipedema!