People and Things Worth Our Time, Effort, and Energy

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The other night, I had a dream. I was being chased. I don’t know who was chasing me, I just know I was being chased. It seemed to go on forever, like chasing the end of a rainbow. I finally stopped running and turned around and asked, “Why are you chasing me?” And they replied, “Because you are worth my time.” The dream was then over. Later, when I woke up, I lay there in my warm bed, in the darkness of early morning, pondering that message… “Because I am worth their time.”

I spent the rest of that day, and the days since, thinking about and jotting down answers to the question, “What or who is worth my time, energy, and effort?” Here are some of my answers:

Ones I Love, My Dreams, and Me

The Ones I Love: My spouse, children, grandchildren, aunt, friends, chorus, community, and my TRIBE! They are people I care for deeply and cherish. They add color to my life, and for that, they are worth my time, effort, and energy. 

My dreams: Singing with a quartet on stage again, helping others, getting on my skis again, and giving a TED Talk. My dreams make me happy.

And ME: Providing emotional self-care, finding light in my life, seeing the beauty around me, recognizing rainbows, my healthy eating plan, continuing my education, focusing on my sleep, and learning to love the real me. 

These people and things are worth my time, energy, and effort so I keep chasing them. I chase the ones I love to let them know that I cherish and appreciate their presence in my life. I chase my dreams because they make me feel alive and strengthen my will to persevere. Most of all, I chase myself, because I am unique, and I deserve the love and nurturing that I give out to the world. 

What or who is worth your time, effort, and energy?

It’s nice to think about and determine the people and things worth our time, effort, and energy. This reminds us to spend our time, effort, and energy on those we deem worthy of it. It also helps us avoid wasting them on people and things that don’t deserve them, especially now that we are fresh into the new year, 2023, with a bright future ahead. 

And so I ask you, “What or who is worth your time, effort, and energy?” Spend some time pondering that question. Jot down your answers. Reread them. Expand on them. Discover why they are worth it. You will find that not only are these things and people worth your time, but you are worth theirs for the same reasons. 

Here is a little song about rainbows and pondering life. It was written for Kermit the Frog to sing in The Muppet Movie. It reminds us that even the lowliest, most ordinary frog is worth having his own song. 

The Rainbow Connection

By Paul Williams & Kenneth Ascher

Why are there so many

Songs about rainbows?

And what’s on the other side?

Rainbows are visions,

But only illusions,

And rainbows have nothing to hide.

So we’ve been told and some choose to believe it.

I know they’re wrong, wait and see.

Someday, we’ll find it, the rainbow connection,

The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

Who said that every wish

Would be heard and answered

When wished on the morning star?

Somebody thought of that,

And someone believed it.

Look what it’s done so far.

What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing?

And what do we think we might see?

Someday, we’ll find it, the rainbow connection,

The lovers, the dreamers, and me. 

All of us under its spell

We know that it’s probably magic. 

Have you been half asleep

And have you heard voices?

I’ve heard them calling my name.

Is this the sweet sound

That calls the young sailors?

The voice might be one and the same.

I’ve heard it too many times to ignore it:

It’s something that I’m supposed to be.

Someday, we’ll find it, the rainbow connection,

The lovers, the dreamers, and me. 

Remember that you are worth other people’s time and that you are worth YOUR time. Cherish yourself and continue living well with lipedema!

Happy New Year to all of us!



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