July 22, 2024

Living Well With Lipedema Flash Briefings

What is Lipedema?
Lipedema, the disease they call fat, is a chronic fat/lymphatic disorder that affects 17 million women in the USA and as many as 350 million women worldwide. It is often mistaken for simple obesity. Generally under-recognized and misdiagnosed, symptoms include pain, swelling, and weight gain disproportionately distributed in the thighs, buttocks, legs, and hips with a smaller upper body.

These Alexa Flash Briefings are mini podcasts of 3-5 minutes that offer news, updates, research tidbits, and overall self-care tips and tools to manage this chronic disease.

Join our team of coaches, mentors, and experts in learning, connecting, gathering tips and tools, and even laughing now and again – day-by-day. There is hope. You can manage your fat/lymphatic disease and live a glorious life. 

Options to listen to our Alexa Flash Briefings/mini-podcasts:

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  2. Add the briefing to your Alexa Echo or your Alexa Dot (“Alexa, add Living Well with Lipedema Flash Briefing“).
  3. You can also download the Alexa app and search for the Living Well with Lipedema flash briefing. Click “enable”. Then tap the Alexa button in the lower center of the app and say “Alexa, play my flash briefings.”
  4. You can bookmark our flash page (https://lipedema-simplified.org/flash/) and come to listen to one, several, or all of our flash briefings.
  5. You can subscribe to Living Well with Lipedema on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or Google Podcasts.

Our Flash Briefers, Mentors/Coaches
Catherine Seo, PhD; Leslyn Keith, OTD CLT-LANA, Gail Straker, BEd more info click here…

DISCLAIMER: The information in Living Well with Lipedema Flash Briefings is provided for informational and educational purposes only.

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Alexa Flash Briefings - Mini-podcasts

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Day-by-day -- One step at a time

"In the middle of it all, pause and look around you. Appreciate what’s beautiful. Take in the love. Nod to what’s good and true. And then move forward one step at a time."
-- Kathy Freston


Lipedema TRIBE Community

Together is better. Together we are stronger and can support one another.

You Are Not Alone

Support, understanding, and shared experiences. So many of us with lipedema struggle alone with doctors and family who don't understand about lipedema, or even worse, don't believe us.

Our Tribe Community creates a safe space to learn, to find what's right for you and your body. You can manage lipedema and live your best life.

You are not alone!