Common Hat Sayings and What They Mean

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about hats… Hmmm… I wonder why? Could a silly hat that was worn during Movement with Miranda have anything to do with this? Could it have been because I have been wearing so many hats lately? Probably. But whatever the reason, I’ve been thinking about hats lately. A lot.

There are common hat sayings that I’ve heard before and sometimes their meanings are hat-related, but other times, they’re filled with metaphors that give you something to ponder about. I got to thinking, why not talk about them today?

What’s a hat for?

Throughout history, hats have had many purposes. They’ve been used to protect us from the elements. Sun, rain, dust, sand… They’ve also been used to protect us from occupational hazards. Falling debris, fire, among others. 

Different styles are often worn by different social groups. My dad wore a cowboy hat. My husband wears a baseball hat most of the time, but a balaclava during ski season. My son wears a flat cap. Hats can be a fashion statement or a useful tool. But either way, hats can tell a story!

Some sayings about hats

In the English language, we have many sayings about “hats.” Here are a few common sayings about hats and what they mean.

“Wearing many hats”… We often “wear many hats” during a single day. This means that we have many jobs and responsibilities. Often, this becomes a source of stress in our lives. It can develop into a situation where we can’t give any one job or task the attention it needs to be done well. At this point, it’s best to take off a hat or two.

“Hang your hat at the door”, or “Hang up your hat”

  1. My dad used to hang his hat at the door, on the porch, before he walked into the house. I asked him why he always hung it outside and not on the hat hooks on the inside of the house. He said, “I hang my hat at the door because I’m home from work. That’s my work hat. I don’t want to bring my work home. When I’m at work, I’m at work. When I’m at home, I’m at home with my family.”
  2. Another meaning is when you “hang your hat at the door” you’re accepting of the place that you’re visiting or staying in. Hanging on to your hat as you enter a building means that you won’t be staying long. 
  3. “Hanging up your hat” can also mean quitting. “I’m done. I’m hanging up my hat and going home.” Always know when to hang up your hat. Don’t endure hardships you don’t deserve.

“Toss your hat in the ring” … When you toss your hat in the ring, you’re going to participate. It’s as though your hat is your token, your placeholder, and your commitment. 

“Hat in Hand” … When you stand with your “hat in hand,” it’s a sign of humbleness and humility. When you “take off your hat” to someone, you’re giving them kudos and praise. And when you “tip your hat,” it’s an outward sign of respect.

Now that you know some common hat sayings and what they mean, this is the time for you to hold onto your hat because Anything is Possible with Lipedema!


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