Pain with Lipedema

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This week, I am going to discuss the pain that women with lipedema experience. I will focus on a study by Schmeller & Meier-Vollrath that was published in the German journal LymphForsch in 2008. The title of the paper is “Pain with Lipoedema: Attempt to Approximate.” (Note: “lipoedema” is the…

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Why Lipedema Fat is Different

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Welcome back to Living Well with Lipedema! In this post, I want to continue building a foundation of knowledge about lipedema. I’m going to talk about the differences between normal body fat and lipedema fat. Although there are similarities between them, we’ll see that there are also major differences that…

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News about lipedema spreading around the world!

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Sara Bramblette, Lipedema and Lymphedema Health Activist, writes about the different stages of being newly diagnosed! Cara Jones from Wales, UK, tells her story about diagnosis and planned surgery in Germany. stay tuned for more to come…

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Saying YES!

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My main focus has been on Facebook and several closed lipedema groups, but I realize these groups, as helpful as they have been, are limited in their reach. There are so many who might not look there. So it’s time to reach out to those who might somehow stumble upon…

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