The Power of Belonging: Benefits of Being Part of a Community

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We each can explain how belonging to the Lipedema Community has improved our lives. We are living proof that there are several benefits to being part of an online ‘community’. It is very motivating, and thanks to technology, more and more people are turning towards online communities to help reach their goals. These communities have been vital during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

The power of belonging has helped us in more ways than one. While some people seem to do just fine without joining communities, many of us thrive on the sense of belonging and the moral support of a like-minded group. 

Here are some ways that belonging to a group can benefit its members:

Sense of Security

Belonging to a group gives a sense of security. People feel more secure when they know that others around them share their goals and care about their progress. It is also nice to be surrounded by people with the same goals because it provides a sense of security. In a way, our community is our “safe space” – a place where we can be who we truly are. 

Perhaps every one of us in our lipedema community has felt this sense of security. It has truly benefitted us in different ways. We are so lucky to have each other. 

Feelings of Warmth and Motivation

Being a part of a community means having relationships with its members. A simple relationship between people can increase feelings of warmth and motivation. Our community’s accepting and receptive nature makes members feel validated, acknowledged, and valued for who they are and for being a part of a group. 

Because we are a part of this community, we feel like we belong. We feel the power of belonging when we witness its benefits in our disposition. Belonging to this community helps us take a positive outlook on life. We start to believe that we can get through difficult challenges because we have a community that accepts and appreciates us for who we are. 

Perception of Accountability

Being a community member helps accomplish goals and dreams because communities provide a sense of accountability for reaching goals. It makes someone more likely to adopt the goals of the people around them, and it is much easier to follow through on commitments when you are surrounded by people who have the same struggles and goals as you. When you are connected with people who are working hard on their goals, it makes it easier for you to do the same.

This surge in motivation and commitment to our goals benefits not only us but also those around us. By being with like-minded people who strive for the same goals, we are more inspired to commit. We accomplish our goals when we wholeheartedly commit ourselves to them, and our family and friends see that we are making progress in our lives.

Emotional Support

Communities provide support to their members. Being a part of a community essentially means you support the people in your community and they support you in any way they can. The comfort of emotional support from a community does not diminish over time. It is a factor for people joining a community. 

I particularly like this benefit. Belonging truly has power. By being a part of this community, I have people I can always count on during the sad and happy times of my life. 

The Lipedema Community

As part of the Lipedema Community, we share new ideas and congratulate each other on each other’s successes. We are confident to ask questions, which we might think are silly but later learn we are all thinking it! We also find inspiration in the sharing of ideas with one another. It is truly a motivating experience to belong to a community. 

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