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Sowing the Seeds of Information in The Lipedema Community

By July 20, 2022 October 12th, 2022 No Comments

After each webinar, LIVE broadcast, Symposium, Fireside Chat, or other lipedema events, I always wonder how many seeds were sown. We have a couple of thousand people register for our webinars each year – a couple thousand! And we’re not the only organization sharing information and bringing awareness to the world about Lipedema. Our community grows. With that many seeds of information sown, surely, our garden will flourish.

Lipedema Community Garden

I like to think of what we do here as tending to a garden. Admittedly, this community and every other community is like a garden. Once we have sown our seeds in the bright morning sunlight of knowledge, we need to tend to our garden. We must make sure that we water our plants regularly with a steady flow of love and support for the members of our larger, worldwide lipedema community. 

We can pull the weeds of misinformation by quoting scientific studies and sharing resources. We’ll protect the young seedlings during the frost of doubt by sharing with them and bearing witness to our successes. As our plants grow tall and strong, we’ll share evidence of the fruit of our efforts by sharing non-scale victories with each other.

We’ll make sure to keep sowing seeds of information in our community so we can be blessed with a bountiful harvest. We’ll gather together and express gratitude for this bountiful harvest as we become more involved in our community and share this bounty with others who are hungry for knowledge, support, understanding, solutions, and a place of belonging.

Together, we can!

Remember that every relationship, community, project, and effort is like a garden. It needs care, love, and support. With more hands tending to a garden, this will flourish into something majestic and beautiful. 

Just like a garden, our lipedema community continues to grow and flourish because we tend to it, take care of it, and give it our attention, love, and time. We’re patient with it. We share information in the community and make sure to weed out false or wrong information. We continue to learn each day together.

Together, as we tend our lipedema community garden, we’ll also continue to find that Anything is possible with Lipedema!


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