June 2022 is Lipedema Awareness Month

Lipedema Awareness Month
Let's Learn Together

A month full of events from our world-class experts!
June 1-30, 2022

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Lipedema is a fat/lymphatic disorder that is generally misdiagnosed as simple obesity. There are an estimated 17 million women in the USA and as many as 350 million globally who have lipedema. Most don't know it yet. Let our voices be heard.

Learn about how you can engage in more meaningful discussions with your doctor, get the right treatment options that fit your needs and live your best life with lipedema and other related conditions.

Events & Webinars & Q&As & Community

Welcome Summer Bootcamp Party

>> Book Club: Why We Get Sick by Dr. Ben Bikman
>> Understanding nutrition/keto for lipedema
>> Stretching/Movement with Miranda & Gail
>> Radical Embodiment: Living Well with Lipedema
>> Meditation & Mindset
>> Lipedema Pain Management Clinic
>> CDT, compression, MLD, skin-care
>> 3 Day Summer Bootcamp June 24-26
>> ...and much more - we love surprises!

Calendar of Events June 2022

Our 3-Day Bootcamp

3 days of events from our world-class experts plus YOU!
June 24-25-26, 2022

Welcome Kickoff Party June 23 @ 4:30 pm Eastern time.

Presentations, current updates about lipedema, and worldwide lipedema ladies. We will have talks and time for LIVE Q&A with small group discussions. It's time to get answers to your questions about lipedema and what you can do. Don't miss this lipedema event and opportunity since it may be the only time we do this.

Information and Registration

Info & Registration for Lipedema Awareness Month

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June 1-22 - Community Events
June 23-26 - Bootcamp
June 27-30 - Masterclass Bonus

Registration includes access to all of the events June 1-30 -- our 3-day Bootcamp, plus a few bonus sessions too. Come to one, several, or all of our events.

The Lipedema Project has evolved from the early work of Lipedema Simplifed and has more extensive information about lipedema. Please visit http://lipedemaproject.org/ to learn more.