Things to Help Yourself Fall Asleep

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As children, most of us were given a bedtime. As we got older, our parents would adjust some restrictions to let us stay up later while our younger siblings had to go to bed earlier. It seemed that somehow, our parents knew that the younger ones needed more sleep.

They knew all about good sleep hygiene for their children. We went to bed, lights out at 9:00 p.m., up at 6:00 a.m., and got a good 8 hours of sleep. Even the television stations signed off the air at midnight.

But now, with the stresses of adulthood, and the constant streaming of cable networks, social media, computers, and phone screens, we seem to be not getting enough sleep. We are adults now, so we do not have to go to bed. No one can make us go to bed anymore!

Sometimes, though, it’s not that we don’t get enough sleep just because NO ONE can make us go to bed anymore. There could be times that NO ONE, not even ourselves can make our bodies fall asleep. It is a very common problem, and trying to fall asleep when your body does not want to is one of the most difficult things to do. So, here are some tips to help you get enough sleep!

Some nice things you can do to fall asleep easily

  1. Reduce your distractions in the bedroom. Put down your phone and other devices you may be drawn to at nighttime that make you less sleepy. Turn off your television. Fewer distractions can help you focus more on falling asleep.
  2. Make sure your bed is comfortable. Remove any items on your bed that may cause you to move and fuss while laying down. Things like charger bricks, hairbrushes, or any random things you may have put on your bed that could disturb your sleep should go. Having a comfortable bed puts you in a relaxed state, helping you fall asleep faster than you would while in an uncomfortable position.
  3. Take a warm bath. If you have the time, try to take a warm and relaxing bath before going to bed. A nice, warm bath adds to the feeling of relaxation and comfort that could easily lull you to sleep.
  4. Dim those lights. Having bright lights inside your bedroom during bedtime could trick your body into thinking that it is still early. Brighter lights would also make you feel more active. The goal here is to remind your body that it is time to take a rest, so dimming your lights could help inform your body about the time. 
  5. Drink chamomile tea or warm milk. A glass of warm milk or a cup of relaxing chamomile tea could soothe your body and relax you. Take some of those at least a few minutes before going to bed so you can fall asleep better and much easier. Be sure to avoid any caffeine!

It is nice to know that we are at a point in our lives where we are in full control of the things we can or cannot do. When we were children, our bedtime is completely up to our elders. Now, we get to decide that on our own. But it is well known that sleep affects our overall health. So put down the device, turn off the television when it is past your bedtime, and enjoy a good night’s rest. You will need a good night’s sleep for the following day!


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