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Finding Your Own Voice: The Power to Shape Your Image

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You have the power to shape your own image, but in order to shape your own image, first, you have to find and embrace the voice that is completely yours. This will be the key to shaping your own image. Have you found your voice yet? Your own personal voice, not your speaking voice, and not your singing voice. Your own true self voice. This voice, once found, can help you unlock a unique power that you have in shaping your own image.

What would you do with it once you find it?

Finding your own voice

As mentioned, your own voice isn’t your speaking voic, nor your singing voice. It’s something that can shape your own image. So, how DO you find your own voice? 

One way you can find it is by finding your own tribe and surrounding yourself with people from this tribe. Sharing something about yourself to the world will create a resonance, and that resonance will find the right people who are ready to hear your voice. Not everyone will be in sync with your style, but those people who are will definitely love it and want more of it. These are the people you want to surround yourself with. They are your tribe. Your own personal vital tribe. 

While finding your own tribe sounds challenging, it’s also going to be rewarding for you. Once you find your tribe, you can be more confident in your dreams, goals, and ideas. You’ll then start to find your own voice which can help you unlock your special power to shape your own image. 

Your tribe

In your tribe, you’ll have meaningful conversations where each voice is recognized, heard, and respected. You’ll make vital connections with each other and these connections will add value to all of your lives. Our own tribes give us a safe place to be and to belong. Each of our voices is heard and they draw more like-minded voices to them.

We all have the power to shape who we are. I hope that you use your true voice to shape yourself as the person you truly are: truthful, free, and full of hope!

What if? What if you found your own true voice? What would YOU say using it? Who could be in your tribe?


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