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Empowering Women with Lipedema

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Empowering women with lipedema

Empowering Women with Lipedema:
A Conversation with Catherine Seo and Lisa Duerre


In a recent VLOG Livestream, Catherine Seo and Lisa Duerre came together to discuss their journey, experiences, and the future of the Lipedema Simplified community. This enlightening conversation showcased the power of collaboration and a shared vision for enhancing the lives of women dealing with lipedema.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the highlights of this inspiring conversation and the exciting prospects that lie ahead.

A Journey of Personal Discovery:

Catherine Seo, the founder of Lipedema Simplified and the Lipedema Project, started her journey in 2010-11 when she began experiencing mobility issues. After a diagnosis of lipedema in 2012, Catherine’s quest for answers led her to create a supportive community dedicated to improving the lives of those with lipedema and lymphedema. This journey demonstrates the power of personal experience and determination to drive positive change.

Introducing Lisa Duerre:

A significant revelation during the livestream was the introduction of Lisa Duerre as the Managing Director of Lipedema Simplified and Lipedema Project. Lisa’s background in leadership development, particularly for women in high-tech industries, adds a valuable perspective to the team. Her own experience with lipedema in her 50s after infertility and perimenopause brings a unique understanding to the community. Lisa’s presence promises fresh insights and exciting opportunities for the future.

Empowering Women and Intersecting Generations:

Lisa emphasized the importance of empowering women to communicate effectively with their healthcare providers, families, and employers. Lipedema often carries feelings of shame and blame, hindering self-advocacy. Lisa and Catherine envision helping women assert their needs confidently and work collaboratively with their support networks.

Additionally, the conversation touched on the significance of addressing lipedema across generations. By recognizing the symptoms early in life, during pregnancy, and in the professional realm, they aim to provide timely support, improve quality of life, and prevent permanent disability.

Looking Forward:

Catherine and Lisa’s shared vision for the future involves presenting their research findings at the Lymphedema World Congress. This international event will allow them to connect with experts and contribute to the global conversation on lipedema.

Furthermore, they plan to continue offering webinars and workshops that address the specific needs of the community. Upcoming topics include nutrition and self-care strategies, showcasing their commitment to holistic well-being.


The Livestream conversation between Catherine Seo and Lisa Duerre was a testament to the power of personal experience and collective vision in driving positive change. Their dedication to empowering women with lipedema and addressing the condition across generations holds the promise of a brighter future for the community. As they embark on their journey together, it’s clear that the lipedema community is in excellent hands, and exciting developments lie ahead.

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