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Earthing Techniques for Earthlings

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Here is what I discovered about it. Earthing is exactly what it sounds like. It is connecting with Mother Earth, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It may help reduce inflammation, pain, and stress. It can improve sleep, circulation, and mood. Earthing techniques may also help with anxiety, PTSD, and depression. 

As inhabitants of the Earth, it is our duty to stay connected with our roots and practice Earthing. Let’s learn some earthing techniques so we earthlings can start connecting with nature and enjoy its benefits!

Earthing by Walking Barefoot

Even though we can incorporate Earthing into our lives indoors by using grounding devices, today, we’ll talk about Earthing in its most natural form, free of charge. (Pun intended?) By spending time barefoot outdoors in contact with natural conductive surfaces, like grass, soil, gravel, stone, and sand, we can experience the healing benefits of Earthing. 

Walking barefoot may also help improve the strength and flexibility of our muscles and ligaments in our feet which improves the function of the foot. It can reduce injuries, and improve the posture and balance of the body. For those of us who do Miranda, we know that she is always out there working her toes and feet either on the sand or on the grass. Hmmm… she is Earthing during her workout. 

Other Earthing Techniques

Besides the simple act of walking barefoot outdoors on natural surfaces, here are some other Earthing techniques that we Earthlings can practice. They use all of our senses and tangible objects. This helps relieve stress. 

  1. Put your hands in water. (In a sink or bowl if indoors, under a faucet, in a pool, in a creek, if outdoors.) Think about how it feels on each part of your hand. Move your hands. How does the feel of the water change with movement?
  2. Pick up, stroke, and touch an item that is close by. Can you describe the feel of the item with very descriptive words?
  3. Breathe. With a focus on your breath, consider how it feels to fill your lungs, then how it feels to exhale. Have awareness of how the air feels in your nostrils, throat, and lungs, as it moves in and out.
  4. Eat your food with intention. Take tiny bites of food. Describe how the food feels in your mouth, smells, and tastes. Look at the food. Describe it using new and creative terms. 
  5. Take a short walk. Count your steps out loud. Notice the rhythm of your gait. Do your hips sway? Is your gait even? Do you push off with your toes? Do you rock on your heels?
  6. Ice cubes. Hold an ice cube in your hand. Think about the changes it goes through as it melts. Let the water drip in different places, back of the hand, top of the head, toes… think of how the cold water makes you feel.
  7. Scents. Think of a smell that you enjoy. Tea? Herb? Soap? Candle? Inhale it slowly and describe it in detail.
  8. Stretches. Do simple stretches while barefoot. Feel your feet connecting with the surface you are standing on… Carpet, grass, sand.
  9. Listen. All around you, there are sounds. Fans, cars, insects, voices, animals, wind, rain… Listen to your surroundings. Earth has a song. Listen for it and to it.
  10. Look at the sky. Each morning, take a few minutes to look at the sky. Be outside. Look toward the east, south, west, and north. Notice the differences in the sky in each direction. How does the sky change during the day? Describe the dawn sky, the dusk sky, the sunrise, and the sunset. Savor the moonrise. Count the stars.

Connecting With Nature Through Earthing

Can you create a connection with nature? Can you find the peace that comes with that connection? Can you feel her healing powers? With these Earthing techniques, I hope you can start creating a wonderful connection with Mother Earth so you can enjoy the benefits that it brings into your life!


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