Exciting News!

Our Keto Poster Triumphs at the Lipedema World Congress
in Potsdam, Germany

We are thrilled to announce that our very own in-depth keto poster about the Ketogenic Diet as a Potential Intervention for Lipedema: Mechanisms for Effectiveness, represented by Siobhan Huggins, emerged as a winner at the esteemed Lipedema World Congress in Potsdam, Germany! This prestigious achievement is a testament to our commitment to advancing knowledge and improving the lives of those affected by lipedema.

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Keto Expert & Lipedema Advocate

Siobhan Huggins a Research Specialist for The Lipedema Project and is on the board of the Citizen Science Foundation.

She is an independent researcher focused on ketogenic diets, with interests in cholesterol metabolism, inflammation, and metabolic diseases. Siobhan presents at conferences internationally and is the author on multiple articles in scientific journals.

Siobhan with Drs. Kruppa and Ghods

Siobhan is pictured with Dr. Mojtaba Ghods, MD, PhD, the Congress President, and Dr. Philipp Kruppa, MD, the Congress Secretary at the Lipedema World Congress.

A Remarkable Victory

The Lipedema World Congress is a global platform that brings together experts, researchers, and advocates from around the world to share their insights and innovations in the field of lipedema. Our keto poster was recognized for its exceptional contribution to the understanding and management of lipedema, particularly through the adoption of ketogenic diets.

Why It Matters

Lipedema is a challenging condition that affects the lives of many individuals, and innovative solutions are crucial for better management and enhanced quality of life. Our winning keto poster sheds light on the potential benefits of ketogenic diets in lipedema and lymphedema management, providing a fresh perspective that may improve the lives of those impacted by these conditions.

Our Commitment Continues

This remarkable achievement serves as a reminder of our dedication to research, innovation, and the well-being of those living with lipedema. We are more inspired than ever to continue our efforts to explore new avenues for lipedema management and improve the lives of patients worldwide.

Stay Tuned

Thank you for your continued support and for being part of our mission to make a difference in the world of lipedema and lymphedema management. Join us in celebrating this milestone and the promise it holds for the future.


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