Monday, January 4, 2021 – Episode 178

Monday, January 4, 2021 - Episode 178
By: Mende Staggs

4 Rules of a Successful Ketogenic Eating Plan and How to Measure the Results

  • Today, Mende Staggs gives her 4 rules to follow when starting a ketogenic eating plan and talks about how to measure your success.
  • Mende began her keto journey in August of 2016, when she listened to the very first Keto for Lipedema webinar.
  • After a lifetime of unsuccessful dieting and recently being diagnosed with lipedema, she had little hope that changing her way of eating could change her life. She was thrilled to be wrong.
  • Mende lives on a small farm in rural southwest Missouri.
  • She owns her own bakery and catering business, and she loves to share her keto story with others and help them become successful in their own keto journey.
    1. Don’t cheat.
    2. Reteach your body what to crave.
    3. Be careful about feeding your sweet tooth.
    4. Eat when you’re hungry or when you’re craving food.