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By September 21, 2014 January 14th, 2022 15 Comments

Dr Josef Stutz & Dr Marcia Byrd August 2014

The Lipedema Liposuction Center in Roswell, Georgia is now open and treating lipedema patients with WAL liposuction surgery. We have come so very far in a short time. Dr. Marcia Byrd traveled to Germany to train with Dr Josef Stutz in April 2014, and Dr Stutz traveled to the US in August training and supporting the opening of both Lipedema Centers; Dr Byrd’s Lipedema Center in GA

This is a wonderful beginning and appreciation go to many women in the lipedema community who helped make this happen!


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  • Lisa Lopez says:

    I just found out from my pain dr that he thinks I have lipedema. I came home and looked it up and had an “aha!” moment! For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered with an “odd shaped” body. Hips that stick out and very large buttocks and legs. From the waist up I’m normal. I can’t even sleep on my side because my hips are so painful. My back is starting to hurt so bad from the weight I’m carrying in the lower half of my body. I’ve tried to work but I can barely walk. My husband lost his job last year and can’t find work. We no longer have good insurance like we used to and have to rely on Medicaid. So while I’m extremely happy that there is an actual word for what I have, at the same time I’m so disappointed that I won’t be able to get the treatment I so desperately need because I’m pretty sure it’s not covered by Medicaid. We have 6 kids and I can’t even play with them. My depression is getting worse. I’m just glad I found your website. I look forward to more knowledge. Thank you

    • Dear Lisa,
      Lipedema has long gone ignored, hidden, misdiagnosed, I am so sorry that it’s been so challenging. The good news for all of us is that it is now known and treatment is available. There are several support groups on FaceBook with support for answers. Do join one or several and you will find support and many answers. Many have been able to secure insurance coverage so don’t give up.

      • Lisa Lopez says:

        Thanks Catherine! I will take a look on Facebook right now. I’m just so glad to put a name to what I have other than just being fat. I once lost 165 pounds over the course of a year and my saddlebags and legs never went away. I was so disappointed. I’m glad to I have support. Thanks again!

  • Phyllis Knight says:

    Will the lipedema liposuction procedure be available in the Nashville, TN area soon?
    Thank you for all of your hard work to improve the quality of life for all of the lipedema patients!

  • Kelly Wattier says:

    Who is has the best financing options for surgery ? I have great insurance BC/BS but I understand they won’t cover my lipodema surgery I’m having in NYC soon. Lots of predatory loans and credit cards out there. I have good credit. Any thoughts ?

  • Cherie says:

    Hi Becky I see how that you posted are having your surgery in Minneapolis. Did you appeal medicaid?

  • Stephanie says:

    I am wondering if “Becky” can reply with information on how her surgery with Dr. Landis, in MN went and how her results have been since surgery. I live in Iowa and he would be a great resource for us in the Midwest.
    Thank you.

  • Lena Guardado says:

    Hello, I have several (5) lipidema surgeries and any of them have been cover by my heath insurance , I live in Canada . Do you know if it’s anyway I can get some money reembolse since my insurance doesn’t cover compresión stockings either . I get two pairs a year only there it’s almost $2,000 plus lymphatic drained massage once a week that is not cover as well . Thank you for your attention

    • Catherine Seo says:

      Hi Lena,
      You would have to go through the healthcare insurance in your country.
      I hope it works for you.

  • Linda L Jones says:

    Are there any lipedema specialists in Maryland near the Virginia/DC borders? My legs are becoming very painful and walking has become an issue.

  • Janette Scott says:

    Good afternoon. Is treatment for lipedema covered under insurance?

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