MasterClass: Beyond Lipedema Program 2020

Because You Are Unique

I started Keto on June 22, 2019 because the pain in my legs was unbearable. Extra strength Tylenol was not touching it at all. For the last three days, my level of pain has dropped from 9 to a 1 or less. The Keto for Lipedema summit has given me hope.” -Theresa D, TX, USA

MasterClass 6 month Program
Living Well With Lipedema
Mini-MasterClass 8 week Program
Bio-individuality & Mobility: Designed for YOU - Because You Are Unique

Lipedema - The Disease They Call FAT  is a fat disorder that affects women and is often mistaken for simple obesity. Generally under-recognized and misdiagnosed, symptoms include pain, swelling and weight gain that is resistant to diet and exercise. Lipedema progresses and without intervention worsens over time.

One complication that emerges with lipedema can be osteoarthritis and limited mobility. A Keto Way of Eating has been successful for many lipedema ladies for weight loss, swelling & pain reduction, and overall increased well-being and support for regaining or maintaining mobility. 

No two lipedema ladies are the same, we are each unique. Bio-hacking keto to your situation can make all the difference.

  • How to bio-hack keto so it works for you
  • About electrolytes and maintaining balance
  • Therapuetic approaches for mobility and pain issues
  • Intermittent and Extended fasting - when and how long
  • How to take keto with you, traveling or eating out
  • Luxurious and delicious keto - YES and it works to lose weight
  • Navigate the holiday season gracefully and with clear choices
  • Bio-individuality - we are all different - customize keto for YOU!

Our faculty and coaches can help you in understanding about body types, insulin resistance, intermittent fasting and much more to know what might be going on and what to do about it!

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"Acceptance... It seems like an ordinary word. I was in the Mini-MasterClass before the holiday class, and I have grown in ways I never expected. I would always pick apart myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. I was never “ perfect”. I was always searching for a way to get perfect. Maybe, perfect isn’t the right word. I fought myself at every turn. I was always looking for a way into the door of the perfect life.

The happy go lucky life that is splattered all over the different medias. I took a painting class not too long ago and the instructor said something that shifted my thoughts. Someone in the group said they didn’t like their painting. The instructor said let it dry and start again. I kept thinking about that and the mini class was and is my way of a start again. I don’t have to keep forcing myself into the “perfect” box. I am a kaleidoscope of brilliant and magical moments that no one else can be because I am the only one to be living it. How cool is that." ~ Theresa D., TX, USA

MasterClass Faculty & Coaches

This Mini-Masterclass brings the best of what is known about nutrition and lipedema to help transform your experience of living with the disease. Our staff and facilitators bring not only their knowledge and skills in this area from a professional perspective but also their personal journeys with lipedema, lymphedema and applying keto. They have each been at the leading edge in this area, with research as well as working with many lipedema ladies over the past several years.

Catherine Seo, PhD
Director, Lipedema Simplified
Lipedema Consultant

Catherine Seo, PhD. MasterClass Course Director. Catherine is Founder and Director of Lipedema Simplified, Director of The Lipedema Project and a professor of psychology. She produced and directed the documentary, The Disease They Call FAT, and was one of the co-authors of the book, Lipedema-The Disease They Call FAT: An Overview for Clinicians. She holds a doctorate in Media Psychology. She has lipedema, lymphedema, has struggled with obesity, and recently had a total hip replacement. Catherine brings knowledge, compassion, and humor to living with a chronic condition. She was recently certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader.

Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA
Director of Research, The Lipedema Project

Dr. Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA is Director of Research for The Lipedema Project, an instructor in lymphedema therapy for Klose Traning and Consulting, and has a private practice in lymphedema/lipedema therapy. She is author of the recently published book - The Ketogenic Solution for Lymphatic Disorders. Leslyn has a doctorate in Occupational Therapy and has been treating lymphatic disorders since 2000.

Megan Pfeffer, BHSc
Clinical Nutritionist/Therapeutic Keto

Megan Pfeffer, BHSc is a degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist, with a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional & Dietetic Medicine. She has utilized a ketogenic lifestyle for over a year to manage her own lipedema. She runs a private practice providing consultations throughout Australia and New Zealand and globally online with Lipedema Simplified and The Lipedema Project.

Raeann Sparks
Keto Coach &
Mobility Consultant

Raeann Sparks, BFA, BEd. Keto and Mobility Coach. Raeann injured both of her knees and was refused surgery because of her excess weight. She was in a wheelchair for several months when she discovered keto. She was able to get out of the wheelchair by learning she had lipedema and then taking action. She used pool exercise, swimming daily, wearing compression daily, cycling 15 minutes daily, getting cortisone injections every 6 months, and most important adopting a ketogenic way of eating along with intermittent (IF) and extended (EF) fasting. After a year on Keto and fasting, she was able to walk a mile and had lost 70 lbs. Raeann is a certified coach from the Noakes Foundation’s Nutrition Network.

Brenda Gold, BHSc (PT)
Emotional Freedom Coach

Brenda Gold, BHSc, (PT). Physiotherapist and Emotional Freedom Coach. Brenda's background includes graduate level (MA) in religion and arts, physiotherapy credentials BHSc (PT) with 20 years in private practice, pastoral counseling, and a yoga and Qi Gong teacher. Brenda joined our MasterClass dealing with the loss of her husband plus several other co-morbidities in addition to lipedema. She found "releasing" especially helpful so continued to the teacher training. She has been coaching & helping others in "letting go" of emotional blocks and flowing into greater freedom. Brenda shares: "I found new practices to help move forward. There is still a lot of road ahead of me and I am willing to share that road with anyone who would find it helpful."

Carol "Rosey" Rowsemitt, PhD, RN, FNP
Obesity & Thyroid Consultant

Carol “Rosey” Rowsemitt, PhD, RN, FNP-C. Nurse Practitioner. Carol has specialized in weight management since 2003. Her background as a practicing scientist (BA chemistry, PhD biology) and family nurse practitioner helped in developing her approach to the “famine response,” a thyroid dysfunction that negatively effects weight loss efforts. The famine response often increases appetite and decreases metabolism to protect against weight loss when food is insufficient. She prescribes medication when appropriate to treat famine response hypothyroidism. Her leading-edge approach has been effective in helping patients lose weight and keep it off.

Mende Staggs
Keto Coach & Chef

Mende Staggs is a Keto coach & chef. After finding great success in managing her lipedema and migraine headaches with the ketogenic way of eating, Mende is using her culinary expertise and teaching experience to coach women with lipedema in keto way of eating. She is passionate about keto and wants all women who suffer from lipedema to find the same physical, emotional and spiritual healing she has experienced. Mende is a certified coach from the Noakes Foundation.

The Lipedema Project has evolved from the early work of Lipedema Simplifed and has more extensive information about lipedema. Please visit to learn more.