Friday, April 30, 2021 – Episode 293

Friday, April 30, 2021 - Episode 293
By: Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA

Lipedema Diagnosis Using Ultrasound

  • Today I’d like to tell you about a research performed by a group of physicians in Sao Paulo, Brazil, including Drs. Amato, Saucedo, Santos, and Benitti.
  • The article is called: Ultrasound criteria for lipedema diagnosis and was published in the medical journal Phlebology in the April 2021 issue.
  • The objective of this study was to use ultrasound imaging to evaluate the thickness of the skin and underlying tissue in areas typically affected by lipedema, comparing women with and without lipedema. 
  • By doing this, it was their hope to develop skin and tissue thickness as a distinguishing feature of lipedema.
  • This study may have implications for physicians who want another method to confirm a diagnosis of lipedema.