Friday, March 1, 2024 – Episode 1329

Friday, March 1, 2024 - Episode 1329
By: Leslyn Keith, OTD, CLT-LANA

Exploring Liposuction's Influence on Quality of Life in Lipedema

  • Today, I want to share insights from a study led by Torsten Schlosshauer and his team of plastic surgeons in Germany.
  • Their paper, “Liposuction treatment improves disease-specific quality of life in lipoedema patients,” published in the International Wound Journal in April 2021, examined 69 women with stage 3 lipedema who underwent tumescent lymph-sparing liposuction in Frankfurt, Germany, between January 2004 and August 2019.
  • Despite limitations like a small sample size and lack of a control group, the research highlights the potential positive impact of liposuction surgery on the quality of life for some women with lipedema.