There’s more to the story: there may be more WHYS to body SIZE!

Dr Steffan Rapprich has been performing liposuction for lipedema/ lipoedema for over 20 years in Darmstadt & Sonthofen Germany. Dr Jeffrey Klein originated the tumescence procedure for liposuction in the US, and it was brought to Germany by Dr Gerhard Sattler. As more patients appeared with lipoedema, Dr Rapprich, who at the time was working with Dr Sattler, adapted his style and techniques to treat the specifics of lipoedema. Germany is the epicenter for treatment for lipedema/ lipoedema, in part because of their sophisticated study and understanding of the lymphatic system. Procedures were developed to protect this very delicate system in patients during liposuction procedures. Dr Rapprich has been training doctors in Germany in these techniques for many years.


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