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Obesity is a rising crisis, often blamed on diet and life-style choices. However, an estimated 17 million women in the U.S. and 370 million worldwide have the hereditary genetic fat disorder, lipedema/lipoedema, without knowing it. Anti-fat bias proliferates our healthcare system and this disorder is unknown and mis-diagnosed. This documentary follows the challenges of diagnosis, surgery and recovery while women with the disorder, physicians, and researchers try to come to grips with the disease.

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  • Lisa Sherman says:

    Hi Catherine,

    I am new to the lipedema community. I have just been diagnosed,with stage 2 lipedema and I saw your doc preview. I can see that you have worked really hard in shaping it. Is it a rough cut or are you done? In my day job I own a video production company, and I create documentaries for people and universities. If you are still in process and haven’t locked picture, I’d be glad to provide some notes on your project.



  • thank you, you are an Angel, with documentary skills, YES! I sent you an email with contact info.

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