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Lipedema / lipoedema Awareness Day 30: A Month of Awareness Raising

By June 30, 2014 March 8th, 2016 One Comment

There’s more to the story: there may be more WHYS to body SIZE!

It’s been a month of awareness raising about lipedema and progress has happened. The all time favorite BLOG post on June 5th had 937 views from 637 visitors and throughout the month there were 13,343 views. Below are the stats for the month of June:

BLOG stats for June 2014

BLOG stats for June 2014

The Cluster Map is pictured below, as of today there have been 22,929 visits to from all over the world. It’s still only a beginning.

Clustr Map June 30, 2014

Clustr Map June 30, 2014

When I started to search for an answer to the complications I experienced as a result of a misdiagnosis and resultant surgeries, there was very little. Now the internet offers lots of information about lipedema. There is great progress, which will continue to grow. Lipedema, literally and figuratively, has a place on the map now! Because of YOU! Lippie ladies everywhere continue to educate and raise awareness! We are being heard. Well done!

Comments and feedback most welcome! Remember to spread the word about lipedema. For more info

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  • Lucy Van Gelder says:

    I would like to hear from Dr. Byrd’s patients about the best place to stay in Roswell,Georgia while recovering from liposuction.
    Lucy Van Gelder

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