There’s more to the story: there may be more WHYS to body SIZE!

Dr Ebba Bråkenhielm is a researcher in Cardiovascular Biology with focus on therapeutic angiogenesis at the Rouen Institute for Research and Innovation in Biomedicine in Normandy, France. She has also worked in the area of adipose tissue. This clip is brief parts of a much longer conversation at the Gordon Research Seminars in Tuscany Italy in March 2014. One of my all time favorite interviews!


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  • Merlotaphobia says:

    I will be 68 years on the 9th of next month. I have spent 30 years, since my husband left me and our three small children, alone because of this humiliating condition. On Friday evening, I was fortunate enough to see a locum lady doctor at my GP surgery. She has referred me to a lymphodema clinic. I feel very hopeful but when I get there will no doubt find I am mixed in with post cancer treatment lymphodema patients. I have photographs of me in shorts aged eight or nine and my legs are heavy and disproportionate. However, this condition worsened with puberty and also after the birth of my children. It is very sad to be alone for so long and unable to mix with the opposite sex because, I am actually a good looking woman with pretty face, teeth, eyes, hair and nit partucularly overweight (though as the years have passed, I’ve gained a few pounds), but I cannot go to the beach, swim, wear skirts (unless they reach the floor), wear normal pants (they must be wide leg), and now the further problems of knees slapping together as I walk, the weight of the legs, the pain deep in my legs. It is very sad, even outrageous that it has taken so long for this embarassing illness to be diagnosed.
    Also, and there may be a connection, my elder daughter has lymphoma, for which she has been treated three times and still has tumours which light up on PET scans. Are these conditions related?

    • While it will take a skilled doctor to be able to see if there is a genetic component, I can say that lipedema is a hereditary condition, most have it in their families. In my case, I traced it to my Dad’s side, men can be carriers. I remember my aunt, my Dad’s sister, with column like legs that she managed with very think compression stockings. While I’m sorry for these disorders, I am glad you are finding answers. I found mine in my 60s too. It’s never to late!!!

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