There’s more to the story: there may be more WHYS to body SIZE!

Dr. Gerhard Sattler established tumescent liposuction in Germany in 1989 and has performed over 10,000 liposuction surgeries over the past 25 years.  His coaching about the intricacies of liposuction specifically for lipedema are invaluable.
WARNING: graphic video from surgery.


Dr Mark Smith (taking the iPhone pictures) & Dr Joe Dayan (standing beside Dr Smith), already experts in the lymphatic system ( have been studying and learning about lipedema since April 2013. In March 2014, they traveled to Germany to meet and work with several of the top lipedema experts including Dr. Gerhard Sattler, Dr. Stefan Rapprich and Dr. Josef Stutz . Each expert has developed their own approach and is skilled in the intricacies for lymph-sparing liposuction of lipedema. Dr. Stefan Rapprich appears here as observer in this clip. He will be featured tomorrow.

Drs Smith and Dayan are beginning to offer treatment in NYC at Mt Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center and are accepting new patients onto a waiting list as they prepare to open their Center of Excellence for Lipedema Treatment.

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