About Kathy Dwulit, BSN, RN

Wellness Coach, Stage 3-4 Lipedema

Kathy Dwulit is a stage 4 lipolymphedema woman who has lost 100 lbs. thanks to the Lipedema Simplified MasterClass and the keto lifestyle. She also had a myriad of comorbidities which included a heart attack, hypertension, prediabetes, pulmonary emboli, asthma, and thyroid issues, most of which are in remission. She has gone from 16 medications to six.

She is also a retired nurse with a BSN degree. She is currently a mentor and coach  with Lipedema Simplified helping women with the later stages of lipedema. She is on the board of The Lipedema Project and serves as Vice-President.

The Lipedema Project has evolved from the early work of Lipedema Simplifed and has more extensive information about lipedema. Please visit http://lipedemaproject.org/ to learn more.